Peer Group Forums

There are peer advisory groups, and then there’s Peer Group Forums. Our peer advisory groups are built to ensure members achieve greater success.


Peer Group Forums is a professional network of peers that provides an exclusive opportunity to work in depth with your personal leadership skills, strengthen your professional toolbox, and gain new insights for the benefit of yourself and your company.

As a Chief Operating Officer (COO) or Home Service Contractor (HSC), you can learn from the experience of others and be kept accountable to do what you say you want to do. In challenging times, it is great to be supported by smart, honest, and constructive people who want to see you succeed.

Peer Group Forums brings together the elements that make the biggest difference to your performance. Together, the total offering is much greater than the sum of the individual parts.


What You Get

The Peer Group Forums process has been developed by a leader who has over 15 years of experience with COO/HSC peer advisory groups. As a result, he knows what it takes to put together an effective and value-driven member experience.

Regular Meetings

Bi-monthly peer group meetings for COOs and home service contractors (HSCs) in a variety of industries.

Chair Support

The Peer Group Forums Chair ensures output and focuses on your professional and managerial development.

Guest Speakers

Listen to speakers with real-world experience, relevant insight, and actionable advice.

Collective Wisdom

Harness the collective wisdom of your peers and significantly enhance the quality of your thinking.

Are You Qualified?

We want our members to get real, useful advice from each other, so only qualified COOs and top decision-makers are eligible for membership. When you send in your application, we’ll review it and let you know our decision.

Tailored Peer Groups

Our peer groups are carefully tailored to members’ profiles, which ensures both adequate input from professionals who match your level of management and discipline, and avoids accidental placement with a group of competitors or significant customers.


Your personal Peer Group Forum represents a confidential forum where all ideas and challenges can be discussed with peers at your own, professional level. To ensure confidentiality, no competitors or significant customer relationships are permitted in the same group.

Ready to Apply?