Strategic Peer Groups for COOs

Running operations demands more than just oversight; it requires strategic collaboration. Tackle complex challenges by learning from others. 

Atlanta Area COO Peer Groups

Our forums connect you with fellow COOs, enabling the exchange of innovative strategies and best practices. With our peer groups, you’ll:


Share and learn from real-world experiences, ensuring you stay ahead in your role.


Gain insights into improving efficiency, scalability, and sustainability in your operations.


Build strong relationships with peers who understand and share your operational challenges, offering ongoing support and encouragement.


Discuss sensitive issues in a secure, non-competitive setting, ensuring honest and open communication.


Utilize a wealth of resources, including case studies, expert speakers, and industry reports, tailored to the needs of COOs.

Our Approach to COO Peer Group Forums

We facilitate regular, structured meetings focused on key operational topics. Our selective process ensures you engage with a group of experienced and diverse COOs, fostering high-value discussions and actionable takeaways.

Sessions are designed to address current trends and challenges in operations, from technology integration to leadership strategies. You’ll get access to:


  • Focused Discussions
  • Expert Moderation
  • Peer Reviews

How Do I Join?

Join an elite network dedicated to operational excellence. Our membership process ensures a diverse yet cohesive group, enhancing the value of interactions.

Apply now to enhance your strategic impact and drive your organization forward. Membership includes access to exclusive events, webinars, and an extensive knowledge base.

Ready to elevate your operational strategies? Apply today to join our selective peer group forums.