Peer Group Forums: FOCUS

Peer Groups are moving online, so we developed a web platform to handle this trend.

Peer Group Forums FOCUS brings together high-integrity COOs every month for 2 hours to provide a space for mentorship, shared resources, and the connections needed to support and develop themselves and their businesses – all without leaving their offices.

The FOCUS groups address two main issues: geographical constraints and cost constraints. Peer Group Forums FOCUS opened to the public in February 2019 after a few months of testing. This service is part social network – part library – and part conferencing platform.

Technology We Use

A Peer Group Forums FOCUS is meant to mimic the live peer-group experience of Peer Group Forums typical meeting, and they are joined by a Peer Group Forums Chair/facilitator. We use the most advanced technology for video conferencing, chatting, and meeting notes. We also use cloud-based collaboration tools designed for chat and direct messaging as well as the most updated software for meetings.

The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology makes meetings more productive. All meeting documents are at the group’s fingertips.


Who Can Benefit from this FOCUS Group?


Peer Group Forums FOCUS will appeal to a slightly different demographic than Peer Group Forums’ other groups. With an annual revenue threshold of $500,000 (instead of $1.5M) for members’ companies, its open to smaller players. It was also designed to attract younger members.

Groups can include top COOs, business executives, established entrepreneurs, struggling business owners, and those just getting started with their businesses.

Groups are led by a facilitator (Peer Group Forums Chair) and use a structured discussion method for issue processing and ensure air time for all members/participants. Some groups include additional features such as noted speakers.

Benefits of Joining a FOCUS Group


The benefits of joining business networking groups include the chance to learn from experts, to be part of a support community of like-minded peers, and to forge relationships.

Today’s entrepreneurs or business owners spend much of their time interacting with clients, partners, employees, and customers – not just locally or regionally – but globally – so are familiar with online connectivity.

Peer Group Forums FOCUS is not a group for generating sales leads, nor are they places where individuals can drop in to gain advice on an immediate challenge. Instead, FOCUS members meet regularly (every month for 2 hours) and are expected to discuss their business challenges as well as receive ideas from other members.

Topics Covered by FOCUS Members

Typical services and topics discussed by the Peer Group Forums FOCUS group include:

Strategy & Execution

Company Culture

Leadership Development

Building High Performing Teams

Scaling for Growth

Innovation (IT)

Interview & Selection




In-Field Coaching




Data & Statistics


Work-Life Balance



Goal, Set, & Review

Ready to Grow?