Networking Memberships

Chief Operating Officers (COO)

Home Service Contractors (HSC)

Membership in Peer Group Forums puts you in a peer advisory group of up to 14 like-minded business executives from diverse industries, each driven to become better leaders and achieve greater success and significance.

The Peer Group Forums membership encompasses: COOs, HSCs, and other top-level leaders who share best practices, solve problems, and exchange invaluable peer feedback.

Interested in becoming a member of one of our Peer Group Forums groups? You’ll find our minimum qualifications below.

Before being accepted to a peer advisory group, a Peer Group Forums representative will meet with you.

Membership Eligibility


Eligible members include COOs and Home Service Contractors from companies generating at least $3 million in annual sales. These leaders are experienced, success-driven, and focused on both business and personal excellence. Meetings occur bi-monthly, lasting 8 hours, and are facilitated by experts with extensive experience in leadership and management.

Similar to our executive groups, Home Service Contractors meet every two months for 8 hours. These meetings are designed for leaders of companies with sales ranging from $1.5 to $4 million and staff sizes of 20 or more. The sessions focus on peer learning and tackling significant business challenges in a collaborative environment.

To express your interest in joining, please submit your details online or contact us directly. We’ll arrange a meeting to better understand your business needs and ensure that we’re the right fit for each other.

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