What We Do for You

Monthly Meetings

Monthly (12 per year) peer group meetings for chief operating officers (COOs) and home service contractors (HSCs). Each meeting is led by one of our seasoned executives (Chair) to serve as that group’s facilitator.

Chair Support

The Peer Group Forums Chair, who facilitates and mentors the peer groups, ensures output both at and between meetings and focuses on your professional and managerial development.

Honest Environment

Peer Group Forums provides an environment that allows its members to engage in open, honest dialogue in an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidentiality. This facilitates individual & business growth.

Guest Speakers

Listen to speakers with real-world experience, relevant insight, unique ideas, and actionable advice. Guest speakers may vary and rotate based on availability and topics being covered.

Collective Wisdom

By harnessing the collective wisdom of peers in identifying and focusing on critical aspects of key business challenges, members can significantly enhance their quality of thinking.

Exclusive Events

We offer exclusive learning and networking events for Peer Group Forums members. Events are also available to each member’s direct reports.

Business Improvement

Get new ideas all the time on how to improve your business operations and leadership.

Chair Video Calls

Quarterly check-in video calls with an experienced leader (Chair) from Peer Group Forums.

Leadership Resources

Get access to some of the best leadership resources out there, from a variety of sources.

The Greatest Benefit is the Sum of All Parts

Peer Group Forums brings together the elements that make the biggest difference to your performance. Together, the total offering is much greater than the sum of the individual parts. 

When you join Peer Group Forums, you join a peer advisory group of up to 14 experienced and successful COOs who are like-minded in their passion for growth and excellence – in business and in their personal lives.

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Become a part of our professional network and gain access to a confidential forum where members help each other to face challenges, solve problems, and identify opportunities.

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